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 Gliscor Sweep

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PostSubject: Gliscor Sweep   Gliscor Sweep Icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 9:25 pm

This is the latest team I made on Pokemon Online, because I decided I wanted to try to sweep with a Gliscor (not as in the entire team revolving around getting Gliscor set up, just as using him as one of my sweepers).

Thought Process:
So, like I said, I started out with a Gliscor, and I wanted to be able to sweep with it, so I went with a Swords Dance set.
Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa472

Next, I need something that can take hits for Gliscor. It has two weaknesses, water and ice. The obvious choice is a water type, and the best water type for the job is Empoleon. It resists water 2x and ice 4x, and has only three weaknesses. Of those weaknesses, Gliscor is immune to two (Electric and Ground) and resistant to the third (Fighting). It can also Roar, which keeps my opponent unable to set up effectively, especially those annoying SubSword Baton Pass Ninjasks. Since it has to take hits, I use a defensive set.
Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa472 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa395

Now, I basically want to start covering as many bases as possible. I plan to use entry hazards on the team, though I'm yet sure what kind, and so I want something to block rapid spinners. At the same time, since this has to be a ghost, I can use it to block fake out leads as well, so I might as well give it four attacking moves, so it can make taunt leads useless as well as sweep if necessary. For this, I choose Gengar, and give it four attacking moves and a life orb.
Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa472 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa395 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa094

The next base to cover is a rapid spinner, and I choose Starmie because it also can resist moves for Gliscor if Empoleon is dead.
Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa472 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa395 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa094 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa121

Now, I need a lead. I decide that, since this Gliscor is designed to Roost off his life orb damage, and because Starmie has recover, I'll use a toxic spikes lead in case I need to stall at some point. This is also useful, because all the types that aren't effected by toxic spikes (poison, steel, and flying) are all hit hard by Gliscor's stone edge or earthquake, which means that just about everything will be either poisoned or hit for super effective damage once I get Gliscor set up. The best toxic spike lead in OU is, in my opinion, Roserade, because it carries sleep powder. It also works as a cleric with aromatherapy.
Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa472 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa395 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa094 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa121 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa407

Now, looking at my team's weaknesses, I see that I have two pokes weak to psychic, and I only have one move to hit psychic types for super effective damage (Gengar's shadow ball). To cover this, I decide to use Scizor, and because it has to go up against psychics, I want it to be fast, so I give it a choice scarf.
Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa472 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa395 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa094 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa121 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa407 Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa212

EV Spreads, Natures, Items, and Movesets:
Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa472
Life Orb
40 HP, 252 Attack, 216 Speed
Swords Dance
Stone Edge

Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa395
252 HP, 160 Defense, 92 SpD, 4 Speed
Grass Knot
Ice Beam

Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa094
Life Orb
252 SpA, 252 Speed
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast

Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa121
252 HP, 252 Speed
Rapid Spin

Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa407
Focus Sash
252 SpA, 252 Speed
Toxic Spikes
Sleep Powder
Leaf Storm

Gliscor Sweep Dpmfa212
Choice Scarf
12 HP, 252 Attack, 244 Speed
Bullet Punch

Things in Question:
The main thing in question is Scizor. I needed him to hit Psychic types, and I picked him because he fits in with my defensive type coverage also, but I wonder if there might be a better poke to use for the same purpose. I also wonder if another set might be more useful, such as a Choice Band, or maybe even a Baton Passer to get Gliscor some more speed and attack, although this would defeat Scizor's originally conceived purpose. I would LOVE some help with this. Also in question is my Starmie, because I wonder if perhaps a rapid spinner such as Forretress might be better (although I'd only use that particular poke if I changed Scizor for something else). But mainly, I want help with Scizor. Thanks!

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PostSubject: Re: Gliscor Sweep   Gliscor Sweep Icon_minitimeWed Dec 29, 2010 1:24 pm

Good team but sadly Silver Skitty is dead. If you want to you can join my forum which is a lot like Silver Skitty know.
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Gliscor Sweep
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