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PostSubject: STUPID NOSTAGIA!!   Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:59 pm

Whenever i come on this site i think of the good times with Omega, Meta, and DY
aww man i miss you guys.... DY, ik you and i rly nvr got too close but you were a good friend.
Omega, i still see you sometimes which is great! p.s. to omega: stay away from weed omega, its BAD!
Meta, i really hope your computer just broke or something and you can't get a new one for a while :/ Cuz if not, my life is more boring without your little witty comments and ur comedic/sarcastic attitude :/
Anyways, i'm sounding like a little baby over here... If you want to stay at the site blah blah blah look at the other new post.
But, if you really don't wanna stay here or something. For your last post, please post all of the great times you had here at Silver Skitty with Metapodzzz (seriously, i'd like to hear them, and i would like to read about them for a while for fun and bask in nostalgia for a while longer.) and just post your top 5-10 friends you made while you were here. Cuz i sure as hell know that i made some great friends here, whether i brought you or someone else did Very Happy
1. Pokemonisfun <3
2. Omega13 <3
3. Rinx7
4. DarkYoshi
5. Metapodzzz
6. crazytankXD
7. NunnDuuRaah
8. Sandking <3
9. pokeman35
10. Riosuave
Thank you guys for making my life more fun, whether it may have been just for a day, or still up until present.
This may be my final post, unless someone actually responds to either this or the other topic i posted.
And if this may be my final post, i would like for you to know that (boring side of me: Sleep get on with it already. nostalgic side: ya ya, i'm getting ther u douche) it has been fun, and a good time. Thanks - Eos
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Location : Pensacola :(

PostSubject: Re: STUPID NOSTAGIA!!   Thu Dec 23, 2010 4:20 pm

Man up, and quit your bitching.... S-S might be dead, but I go on TU almost every day.
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Location : A cardboard box in the middle of the Sahara Desert...

PostSubject: Re: STUPID NOSTAGIA!!   Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:28 pm

Ya but we won't see some of these people meta. I will post here soon I hope.
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PostSubject: Re: STUPID NOSTAGIA!!   Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:16 am

Omega wrote:
Man up, and quit your bitching.... S-S might be dead, but I go on TU almost every day.

Omega whats your deal man. I know i dont know you very well but i know you shouldnt act like this. I will admit that this site is dead but that doesnt mean you can take it out on everyone well especialy my friend Eos. Sad
What has got you so mad to make you act like this???

Eos i feel for you. Im going to leave this forum as well. This site is a dead as dead can almost be. I hope you can have a good life and everyone else as well.

My best freinds here 1-5
1 Eos
2 Meta
3 Pokemonisfun
4 Omega
5 Rinx

Good luck everyone on this forum if anyone is reading this. Have a good life and a happy new year!
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PostSubject: Re: STUPID NOSTAGIA!!   

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